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If you recently been involved in an automobile accident or dealing with pain and you’re looking to ge relief, then you owe it to yourself to check out Chiro Health and Rehab. Here Chiro Health and Rehab we offer a variety of services that we can employ to rid you of your pain. Whether needing chiropractic adjusting, spinal rehabilitation, functional movement testing, or in need of specialized treatment such as the graston technique or cold laser treatment, then we are the place for you, for we are the Top Fargo Chiropractor. Or, if you’re simply looking to get healthier check out some of our wellness programs that are both affordable and guaranteed to get you back on track to a healthier lifestyle. Visit us at and see why we are the top Fargo chiropractor.

One result we are considered the top Fargo chiropractor is because of our ability to offer a variety of services to match your needs. Chiro Health and Rehab also employs a diverse group of doctors who can communicate and work together to formulate a strategy to combat your pain. The new patient specials are three dollars which include your consultation, your exam, as well as recommended treatment plan. If you visit website today at schedule your first appointment by leaving your name, email, and phone number. Also be sure to leave a brief description of whatever issue you may be encountering so that we here at Chiro Health and Rehab can be better prepared to meet your needs.

Many times people learned car crash or have been hurt on the job, they come in with specific needs that need our immediate attention. However, other times people have developed chronic pain over a long period of time and are unaware where the issue developed. For this we offer of functional movement test which is performed by your chiropractor is completely pain-free. The test will allow your chiropractor to see where pacifically your body is unable to move or demonstrate proper strength and stability. The test look at two major components of your body including your muscles and your joints. Specific treatments like this is just one reason why we are considered the top Fargo chiropractor.

At Chiro Health and Rehab we also offer cold laser treatment which despite what you may expect actually heals the tissue rather than damaging it. What this does is allow us to reduce inflammation and pain. With the reduced inflammation your body is able to begin the healing process and result in you recovering more rapidly. Visit to check out some of the other unique services we offer.

So whether or not you recently been in an accident or are just looking to get healthy, you owe it to yourself to check out today. We should also read some of our patient stories so you can have a better idea of what we are able to offer. You can also reach us at (701) 707-1202 to take advantage of our first time patient offer of only $33. We hope to see you soon!

Top Fargo Chiropractor | Get Rid Of Your Pain Today

Are you living with unnecessary pain in your life and are hoping to get it solved sooner rather than later, then you need to do your future self a favor and reach out to Chiro Health and Rehab. Here Chiro Health and Rehab we offer a variety of services and programs that are designed to get you back on the road to health as quickly as possible. Stop our website at today and find out why we are widely considered to be the top Fargo chiropractor.

The matter your pain, we have a team of professional chiropractors that are ready to help. Our entire team works together to design specific programs that are meant to fit your needs. We offer a variety of treatments including cold laser, active release technique, as well as nonsurgical spinal decompression. If you to simply looking to get a little bit healthier, you should check out workplace wellness program which will offer you different techniques for reclaiming your health in developing healthier habits.

At you can also check out some of her testimonials and see why people are calling us the top Fargo chiropractor. Many times people come in with scar tissue that has developed over the years and has recently began giving them difficulty. One of the techniques we employ to help with this is called the Graston Technique. The Graston Technique makes use of different shaped instruments that can be scraped or rubbed against the body and will effectively rid your body of the scar tissue so they can replace it with normal tissue. Our doctors are very effective when it comes to locating inflamed or injured areas that you may not even know are contributing to your pain, so make sure you sign up for your first treatment today.

Another unique treatment that makes us one of the top Fargo chiropractor is the cold laser treatment that we employ. Now, when you hear laser treatment, you may be frightened; however, cold laser treatment is neither painful nor damaging. What cold laser treatment doesn’t get rid of infection or inflamed areas so that your body can do what it does best in heal itself. We here at Chiro Health and Rehab believe that when the best ways for you to get healing is by assisting the body rather than forcing anything.

Give us a call today at (701) 707-1202 and sign up for your first treatment. If your new patient, you qualify for the new patient special, which is only $33 for your first assessment. This will include your consultation, exam, and recommended treatment plan. This visit our website at and leave your name, number, and email and will be quick to get back to you. Also while you’re there you should leave a description of the issue the are experiencing that our doctors can be better prepared to develop the plan that best fits your unique requirements. We hope to have the opportunity to get you back on the road to recovering your health.

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