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Spinal rehabilitation is a major part of your plan for lower back pain relief in Fargo, ND. Spinal rehabilitation is usually used along with spinal adjustments to help get you out of pain quickly and to help prevent your pain from returning. Spinal rehabilitation is treatment that focuses on restoring the normal mobility, alignment and stability to the spine. After performing a thorough exam, the doctor will then order an exam that will show how much movement, alignment and stability or strength your spine has lost. This exam is called the Functional Movement Exam. This will allow the doctor and care TEAM to very accurately determine the level of spinal rehabilitation that will be required to help reduce your pain and start the healing process in your spine.

The first phase of spinal rehabilitation treatment that your chiropractor in Fargo may prescribe will focus on mobility and restoring as much normal and pain-free movement as possible. This therapy will help to restore much of the flexibility you have lost in the different parts of your spine by improving your ability to move with less pain. It will also help eliminate much of the tight muscles in and around your spine and will help to make those muscles more flexible and supple like they were when you were much younger and before any of life’s aches and pains set in. The importance of this first step is to restore as much pain free movement as possible so that your body can then start to restore more of its normal posture and positions.

There are many reasons why it is important to do more than just adjust the spine if your goal is to become as pain free as possible and to recover as much normal movement as you can. Most people do not realize that their health depends on the body moving as much and as normally as possible. A loss of normal movement not only causes damage to the joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments but, improper movement also damages the organs and the organ systems of the body as well. Your chiropractor in Fargo at ChiroHealth & Rehab will always recommend the level of care recommended for you to recover and get out of pain as quickly as possible as well as for you to help your body become more capable of handling the stress and strain you place on it each day with your daily routine.

Spinal rehabilitation is a very important part of your body’s recovery because all of our movement originates from the spine. If the spine is not stable and is unable to withstand the normal wear and tear of normal daily activity, then the entire body will suffer. That is why your chiropractor in Fargo will take the time to examine your body and spine for areas of instability and when necessary help you to determine how to correct those areas. This will help you recover more quickly and completely as well as help to prevent future injury and pain.

Spinal rehabilitation done at ChiroHealth & Rehab will be focused on two primary things. The first will be to restore as much flexibility and normal movement to your spine as is possible. This will done with specific movements, exercise, stretches and therapies that will help in a number of ways. First of all there will be every effort to make all of the therapy as comfortable and pain free as possible. Often times if therapy is done to the point that there is severe pain, your recovery can actually be hampered and slowed down considerably.

The therapy will then work to loosen the muscles in and around the spine as much as possible in order to restore the proper flexibility to the muscles and tissues as your body can accomplish. There will be a number of therapies used to do this with everything from hands-on treatment of muscles to specific stretching and tissue lengthening therapy. This will help to restore flexibility and pliability back to your tissues that has been lost over the years due to injury or repeated movements and postures.

Specific movements and exercises will also be used to help retrain your spine and muscles on the proper way to move. This will help your body better be able to maintain a proper posture and alleviate the stress and damage that occurs when your body is in an improper posture for any period of time.

There will also be exercises that target the deep muscles of the body and spine that are important for the body to stabilize the spine. Your chiropractor in Fargo at ChiroHealth & Rehab will look for signs of improper muscle control and weakness that lead to instability in your spine and cause changes that lead to damage and pain. The doctor will then make recommendations and put a plan in place to help your body recover the proper strength and control that it needs in order to help your spine recover as well as to help protect your spine from future injury.

Patients whose chiropractor in Fargo at ChiroHealth & Rehab has recommend spinal rehabilitation care report that they experience a number of beneficial outcomes. Often times patients experience a more rapid decrease in pain. This is typically because rather than choosing to not treat the tissues and muscles like many Fargo chiropractors, at ChiroHealth & Rehab, we believe that the muscles are very important to the recovery of your condition and therefore will spend the time necessary to treat the muscles of the spine rather than just simply adjust the bones.

Patients also report noticing improved body control during daily activities. What most typically report is that they notice they have more strength and feel more stable in their back and neck while they do their daily activities at work and at home. Those patients who engage in outdoor physical recreation or in exercise programs or sports also report noticing that they have more stability during their activities. They also report that they have greater control over the movements and that they actually notice an improvement in their performance after they have undergone the spinal stability therapy. For Fargo, ND back pain chiropractic services, contact us today and make an appointment

“Before I came to the clinic my neck was very stiff which greatly limited my range of motion. My lower back was also weak after having a baby. I had never been to a chiropractor that included rehabilitation. I now feel much better. I have more mobility in my neck and the rehab exercises have strengthened my muscles in my lower back, upper back, and neck. The staff at the clinic is also super friendly and great to work with. I highly recommend them to anyone who has an injury or just wants to improve their overall health!”

-Brooke S.

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