Patient Stories

I used to have a great deal of difficulty getting out of bed in the mornings and putting on my shoes and socks because my back hurt. I feel better now than I have in many years. I can actually reach my feet.

Aaron S., Fargo, Retail Manager

I couldn’t stand for more than ten minutes without pain radiating from my low back down my right leg, let alone go for a walk. After only two weeks of treatment at the clinic, I went to the zoo with my family. I made it more than 2 hours on my feet before I had to stop for a rest. It wasn’t until after we left that I realized that I had been completely pain free the entire time!

Amanda S., Occupation: Hospital Coding Analyst

Before visiting this clinic I was overweight, suffered from frequent headaches, back problems and many aches and pains. At the time I was being treated by a physical therapist and thought “this will never last unless I make some changes”. I then made a life-changing decision and made an appointment with this clinic. After going through treatment at the clinic, I have lost 50 pounds, the headaches and moodiness have been drastically cut. I feel more content than I have most of my adult life, I am in control, aware and energetic! I am confident that the skills I have learned and the new habits I have made are permanent. I am not at my goal yet, but with the help of the staff at the clinic it is visible from here!

Amy S., Moorhead, Quality Specialist

I am so grateful my neighbor and friend suggest I make an appointment with this clinic-knowing I had back, neck and leg pain and couldn’t do daily function well. I have had neck and back problems for many years, and have been to many chiropractors but not like this clinic. Everyone is so caring and takes time to explain what their planning on doing. The combination of adjustments and therapy really works, due to the team work of the great doctors and therapists. I’m able to walk, stand and sit much better – working on steps. They also taught me stretches and exercises to do at home. Thanks to Dr. Orth and the whole staff, also the smiley faces that greet me every visit.

Cathy S, Moorhead, retired

I have bunions that cause me quite a bit of pain. Two years ago I saw a podiatrist and was told I need to have bunion surgery on both feet or I would not be able to walk. I didn’t want surgery so I made an appointment with the clinic. I wants to try an alternative method. I found out I am also suffering from plantar fasciitis. After a few treatments the pain is almost gone. My bunions are no longer bothering me and the plantar fasciitis is almost gone. I am able to walk again without pain. I highly recommend this clinic. The personnel are wonderful to work with.

Christine Laugeness, Moorhead, MN, Occupation: Office Support Specialist

Before I came to the clinic, I was experiencing pain in my back, through my shoulders, and shooting pain down my leg. The pain made it difficult to do a lot of standing while I was cooking, baking, and ironing. I had previously tried to find relief through therapy at a clinic and also through chiropractic adjustments. Unfortunately, I had to take Aleve at times to give me some relief. I’m so thankful that Chris from the clinic encouraged me to come in and give it a try. The adjustments along with exercises have made a huge difference. I had forgotten about the pain in my leg as I don’t have it anymore. Thank you to each one of you for your help and encouragement over these months. I thank YOU!

Dianne D., Occupation: Housewife & Full-Time Grandma, Borup, MN

Prior to coming to the clinic I was in constant daily pain. In 2008 I hair line fractured my ankle and have had pain in my ankles and tight legs. In 2010 I had a lower back injury that caused burning daily. Both of these injuries have since gotten so much better with very little aching left in my ankle or back. It is such a wonderful feeling to be almost pain free after 10 years of constant pain and aching. Thank you!

Hannah K., Fargo, Sales Re

I was bending over to pick up a pillow off of the floor and put my back out and I could not get out of bed the next day. I have four children and they did not seem to understand why mom could not do the things she normally does. My neighbor suggested to call the clinic and I am so glad I did. I do not like taking pain medicine, I wanted to take care of the issue rather than mask it with pain medicine. After visiting the clinic I am back to my normal self. I am able to chase my kids around again. It really feels great! Everyone at the clinic wants to make you happy and healthy, it has all been worth it! Thank you so much.

Heather S., Moorhead, Stay at home mom

I have had a few flare ups of plantar fasciitis before, but this past summer I was always busy on my feet and I developed a serious case on both feet. I became crippled with pain, to the point I couldn’t walk at all without the use of crutches. The podiatrist gave me steroid shots, but they were ineffective, and it seemed as if my body was at war with me! I couldn’t get anything done and became more and more inactive and depressed. On top of that, my condition of vaso-vagal syncope flared up as well, and I had many episodes of fainting daily. I was a mess! My friend recommended the place that had helped her overcome her plantar fasciitis, so I decided to look for help there. I am so glad I did! Through my treatment plan was complex and long and sometimes uncomfortable, I have seen such improvement! I can now walk and stand normally, and though I still have healing to do in order to run and dance and play with my kids, I am so confident and happy with the way things are going! The entire team at HealthSource in Fargo is caring, kind, and knowledgeable! I love how they helped me define wellness and health, and helped me set a course for my life to achieve that! My syncope has drastically reduced, and I am able to accomplish so much more in the day, and my attitude on life has improved as well! I also decided to use the weight loss program HealthSource offered, and that was such a life changing choice for me. I am well on my way to a healthier lifestyle and more fulfilled future. Through it all, I have always been able to count on all the people there for their unending support on my journey. Their team is My Team! I am sure to tell all my friends who are experiencing any kind of pain to try this place- they won’t regret it!

Jennifer West

I’ve had back problems for many years and have gone to several chiropractors, doctors, and therapists for my back. I moved to Fargo a couple years ago and hadn’t found the right chiropractor for me. A few months ago I finally got to the point that the pain in my lower back, and down my leg was so severe that I had a hard time sitting. I was looking for an office close to where I live. A friend told me he had gone to Dr. Orth a few years ago, and suggested that I try that clinic. I found the clinic and decided to give it a try. I saw the Doctor and was impressed at the level of care I got. After an evaluation, an x-ray and a couple adjustments, I was talked to about having decompression for the bulging disc issue in my low back. I have never felt pressured to do any certain treatment. I feel like I have always been presented with options and have been encouraged to choose what I feel is best for me. The process of trying to get better has taken a toll physically and emotionally, but I feel like I haven’t had to go through this process alone. I have been amazed by the great group of professionals that have been part of this process with me, the doctors, who have encouraged and laughed with me, the therapists that tell me I can do this, the office staff that greets me and always has a smile on their faces. I have now completed my six weeks of decompression and have moved on to more of a maintenance schedule. I feel like I have turned the corner and am working my way to being healthy and active once again. I encouraged my daughter who was having some low back pain and neck pain to give the clinic a try. She made an appointment and saw the doctor. She told me she no longer has any low back pain and now is excited to do the exercises and things she needs to do to have continued back health. She recently moved away. The doctor got her names of places and other doctors to see in her new location, and the staff asks me about her on each visit. I feel like I didn’t just find a chiropractor, I found a new group of friends.

Jan and Jessa L.

I came to the clinic because of my weight issues, health problem that was treating diabetes, and high blood sugar. The one and a half month of treatment I received was trying but I lost weight and the results were great. It looks like I will be off the medicine for diabetes in a month or two and I am already feeling better and looking better. It was well worth the program!

Jeff F., Horace, Self-Employed

I was having severe knee pain prior to the Fargo ½ marathon. I ran into Chris and the gang from the clinic while registering. He taped my knee and got me through the race. Two months later I had seen Dr.’s, physical therapists, and been diagnosed with patellar tendonopathy but had not seen any improvement. I came back to the clinic to work with Chris and the team. Their therapies helped me run the eleven miles and complete all of the obstacles of the Tough Mudder pain free.

John A, Bismarck, Principal

I feel that this team saved me when I was in a world of pain. I was hurting when Mason (Dr. Orth) said, “I can help you…” and that’s just what he and his team have done. When I first came to them, I couldn’t stand straight or even walk without pain. The team has taught me the correct way to take care of my back, but they are not just concerned about my back. They have been concerned about me as a person. They are always friendly and happy to see me, and when they’re happy- how can you not be happy too. They make a great team. I have already recommended them to my friends and will continue to do so. Thank you for all you’ve done!

John R

I have been overweight for most of my life. Being overweight has affected my confidence and self-esteem. That has in turn affected how I interact with people and it has always been difficult for me to make new friends. I have tried a few diets in the past, and I would lose weight for the first 3 weeks, but no more after that. After learning about the clinic’s weight loss program, I liked that the program was only temporary versus other programs that are meant to be continued long-term. The program started right away with teaching me the correct portion size for my meals and also getting in exercise just a couple times a week. After a few weeks, we started adding normal food back in by having me cook each day. I was excited to get back to making meals with my family and utilizing all that I had learned about nutrition, what to eat and what not to eat, through my weekly meetings. Throughout the program the clinic staff was incredibly supportive and always available if I had questions or needed help with sticking to the program. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with. Their support made me able to stick to the program and avoid temptations. Between learning the healthy eating habits and exercising each week, so far I have lost 30 pounds. I am halfway to my goal and, thanks to the clinic, have all the tools I need to lose the other half. I am feeling better about my body and also have more energy each day. It’s great to be excited about going swimming and wearing a swimsuit. Having the energy to swim, hike, bike, and whatever other activity I feel like is wonderful too.

Kari H.

For seven years, I have experienced moderate, sometimes severe, pain in my neck and upper back. This pain would also radiate up from the base of my skull and result in debilitating headaches. The pain was usually manageable with the help of over-the-counter pain relievers and I was able to work and function fairly normal. Though there would be times that I’d be walking down a street or climbing stairs and be hit with a spasm of such pain that I couldn’t move and it took all the concentration and strength I had not to fall. It was also disheartening that I was often unable to go bike riding or hiking or do other outdoor activities. I tried chiropractic care at a private practice to manage the pain. The adjustments helped temporarily, but there was never any improvement in my condition. After a few days to maybe a little more than a week, I would have to go back for another adjustment. I also saw a physical therapist, the muscle work she did during our sessions helped to decrease my pain immensely, though it never went away completely. For several months, I only needed to visit my chiropractor rarely, though I still needed a pain reliever once or twice a week. But, the pain gradually came back just as bad as before. Now, after four months of care with my doctor and staff at this clinic, I am seeing progress in my condition that is lasting. I still get occasional headaches, but mostly have not needed to take any pain reliever for them. I can be outside with my friends again doing all the activities I love. I have also noticed an increase in energy, which I attribute to no longer needing to deal with constant pain. I’m not there quite yet, but thanks to the clinic and their fabulous team, I can see a future where I’m no longer in pain and able to live without restrictions.


I started noticing intermittent pain in the lower right back about 4-5 years ago; it was subsequently diagnosed as sciatica, I tried physical therapy several times over the years with little improvement and also an occasional trip to a chiropractor in just the last year, Associated with the lower back pain I would occasionally get a shooting pain from my knew down on the outside of the lower leg. Many years ago, too long to remember when, I started getting a burning sensation in my upper left back (shoulder) and would often feel as if my mid back was tight/locked up. I always assumed it was a result of working at a computer. I lucked upon the clinic in May of 2014 at the Women’s Health Conference in Fargo where they were offering chair massages – of course no one wants to pass up a free chair massage – needless to say, I was experiencing severe discomfort in my upper back that day so the massage felt absolutely wonderful. I was provided the opportunity to visit the clinic for an evaluation the following day. I was sold – I learned that I had vertebrae in my neck that did not curve correctly, one shoulder that was higher than the other and the opposite hip that was out of alignment. I started treatment and within 3 weeks pretty much all the discomfort subsided. I signed on for the progressive rehab, which I thoroughly enjoy. I have regained flexibility I thought I would never have again and look forward to the challenges they give me at each session – teaching me how to control my “core” to become more stable and help reduce the possibility of injury in the future.

Kathy B, Wimbledon, Maintenance Coordinator – NDDOT

I am a cake decorator and I was suffering from foot pain that radiated up my right shin. I was also experiencing numbness and pain in my right arm. I had been to a chiropractor and doctor to find some relief, but there was little to no results. It was difficult to run, walk, and even exercise without experiencing discomfort. My job requires that I walk a great deal and I was tired of always going home with leg and foot pain. Chris came to our office, but I was out that day. The other girls in my office seemed very excited about what the clinic had to offer so I thought I would come in for an evaluation. I liked that they not only performed adjustments but also included therapeutic exercises in order to strengthen my muscles. The therapy on my foot really helped and now I can walk without pain. They also fitted me for custom orthotics which has helped tremendously. I would definitely recommend the clinic if you are currently going to a chiropractor and not happy with the results.

Kay J., Occupation: Hospitality Coordinator

Chronic low back pain and stiffness in the lower back had me going to the chiropractor on a fairly regular basis with no long term results. Since I’ve been going to the clinic they have set me up with a specific stretching and exercises that have helped tremendously! I am now able to stand for long periods of time at work without the issues I had before. More flexibility and ease of movement are a bonus.

Kelli L.

I was at the Fargo Marathon Expo when I saw that one of the booths was using Rock Tape to tape knees for free. I stopped by and met Chris from the clinic. He asked just the right questions such as, “Is running with your husband something you enjoy and would you like to fix this problem with your knee?” I began my treatment at the clinic where they used a combination of adjustments to my back and pelvis and incorporated the Graston Technique on my knee. Now it feels like I am definitely back on the right road. The custom orthotics are also helping maintain my arches. The whole team at the clinic seems determined to keep you on the road to recovery.

Kirsten Lym, Pharmacist

Before I came to the clinic, I was suffering from mid and lower back pain which caused me to have trouble sleeping. After the first few adjustments, I already felt much better and was even getting more sleep. I loved that I not only received spinal adjustments but they also worked with me to strengthen my muscles as well. The team was fun to work with and made a HUGE difference!

Lee P., Program Manager

Before beginning treatment at this clinic, I was experiencing shoulder pain that was caused extreme pain, and I couldn’t move my arm anywhere. I have been to chiropractors in the past, but nothing seemed to work for me. Since treatment at this clinic, I can do a lot more activities, my pain is getting better and can move my arm!

Merle M., Casselton, ND, Truck driver/Equipment operator

At the time I came to my first appointment at the clinic I was suffering from a significant amount of back pain that would shoot all the way down my leg. I love to work out and run and it had gotten to the point where I was unable to run without pain and I was unable to sit at work for more than 20-30 minutes without being in pain. I was standing during meetings to avoid discomfort and it had gotten to the point where it was interfering with my day to day activities. Once I committed to a serious treatment plan, I began to see noticeable results. I followed my chiropractic and rehab regimen for six weeks and at this point I am pain free! I just went for my first run in four months and it felt great! I am able to sit at my desk and work all day without stopping to think about and address the pain. I am so appreciative of the rehab staff at the clinic along with Dr. Orth. I truly cannot say enough good things about the staff; from the way my pain was discussed, to the friendly reception team, to the knowledgeable rehab group to the doctors that treated me. I am now a firm believer in chiropractic care and am so thankful I utilized the services at the clinic. Thank you!

Michelle K., Fargo, CFO

I had experienced low back pain that extended down my left leg for more than a year. It affected my work, activities at home, travel, and SLEEP. I sought out other help with little or no relief of the pain. I finally had had enough and went to see a pain specialist. The diagnosis was chronic and their answer was a shot of cortisone in my back to just numb the pain. The pain would surely return, but I would be able to function for “awhile.” That’s when a food friend of mine told me about their place. They just requested that I talk to them before I got “the shot.” It was only 15 minutes out of my day but probably the best 15 minutes I’ve spent in a very long while. I did mention that my neck was always stiff too. An x-ray they took show just how bad of shape my neck also was in. But my doctor said he was confident that he could help me and asked if I wanted to get started. I said “yep, how about today!” and that’s when I started to get better. Now my pain has diminished, I have more mobility in both my back and neck, and now I don’t wake up 10 times per night because of the pain. The bonus is the way they taught me to live healthier by eating right. I came here for chiropractic care but am leaving here with a changed way of life! The staff here is awesome. They are passionate about making you better. I know them all by name and consider them friends. I feel like nothing will slow me down ever again. They have also been helping my wife with a bulged disk in her back and she is now getting better as well. A sincere “Thank you” to the whole team!

Mitch V

I was diagnosed with a bulged disk. My doctor designed a plan to aid in my recovery and the Healthsource staff were “like no other” clinic as far as the level of care and genuine concern for my recovery. The staff was so knowledgeable and great about giving advice and answering my questions. I can now stand and sit for longer periods of time. I have more mobility and the pain is much less. It is a night and day difference. While going to our appointments, my husband and I both came to a realization while visiting with Chris about our health and nutrition. Our busy lifestyle and not slowing to take care of ourselves had led to our chronic back pain. Attending the Health Talks put on by Healthsource staff made us realize that we needed to change our lifestyle to aid in our recoveries and to hopefully prevent future back pain. We now have our teenage daughters are going to for their back and neck problems. I am so grateful to the whole team who helped relieve neck pain from sitting in school and playing sports. Our hope is to have them avoid the path Mitch and I went down with our back staff for helping us. Everyone is so friendly, and I look forward to seeing their smiling faces when I walk through the door for my maintenance visits.

Kim V

When I first started with the clinic, I had constant neck pain and was also experiencing tightness and aching in my calves and feet while walking. I had recently begun a journey to regain my physical health by eating better. However, I needed to get my body moving and feeling better as well. My doctor developed a rehabilitation plan for my neck and feet. Chris administered various exercises three times a week to help my neck function without pain. Furthermore, they developed a personal home exercise program that was easy to follow. I am so glad I invested myself into the clinic and the rehab.

Nicole G.,Analyst

My symptoms have included major headaches that occur daily and my neck and shoulders were constantly stiff and sore. I have been to a different chiropractor before to get my neck adjusted and it helped a little but never went away completely. After coming to the clinic I feel awesome! The treatment I have received helped me to have days with no headaches, and if I do get one it is normally minor. My neck does not feel stiff everyday like it used to. Thank you!

Rachel P., Moorhead, Certified Public Accountant

I had a knee replacement several years ago, however, a degree of pain persisted. After using my orthotics, the pain in that knee is completely gone. I also found vitamins and supplements to stop the tingling and cramping I had experienced for years, the improvement was immediate and lasting.

Rosemary M.

I have struggled with my weight most of my life. I have tried several diets, hypnosis and pills. I was able to lose some weight but was never able to keep it off. The HealthSource weight loss program is amazing! They make the program simple to follow and they are right by your side the whole way.


I first visited the clinic after experiencing pain in my neck and mid-back while sitting at my computer typing or standing photographing sports, and it was beginning to worsen. I was afraid it was eventually going to limit what I was able to do and I love my job! The doctors immediately helped me realize what was causing my pain, how to treat it and how to maintain a program. Now, when I feel the same onset of pain I have the tools and knowledge to be proactive about it.

Tim K., Moorhead, Editor/Photographer

I was experiencing trouble with my lower back, and it was uncomfortable to stand in one place for any length of time. Long car rides also caused irritation in my back. I had been to a couple other places for treatment but they were unable to find the cause. Since undergoing decompression at the clinic, I have been able to get back into sports, and car rides are no longer an issue.

Todd H., Fargo, Locksmith

I had a sore knee for 8 months that I was told to ice and take Ibuprofen when in pain. I listened and waited for things to heel. I changed my workout routine to low impact, iced often, and tried stimulation on my knee. Nothing seemed to help and I was beginning to get very frustrated. I wasn’t able to sit more than 20-30 minutes without being in pain or limping when I got up. I met Chris at a United Way Golf Scramble and told him what was going on. I made an appointment and after barely a week, I was already able to tell a difference in my knee and how it felt after sitting at work for and hour and a half, very limited pain and no limping.

Trista Sager, Occupation: Residential Sales Associate, Fargo

I started coming to this clinic in 2012 after having pain in my right heel. I am an active mother of two kids, an Assistant Store Leader and a competitive runner. I have been on my feet working in retail for better than 19 years and running for 10 years, so my feet take a lot of abuse. After a run I noticed a sharp pain in my heel that wouldn’t go away so I stopped into see the experts at this clinic after talking to them about my pain at the Fargo Marathon Expo Booth. The whole team worked as hard as they could to figure out the solution to my pain. It has been a long journey the past five months and a lot of rehab to fix years of damage. I am learning how to do most of the exercises at home and I hope to someday be able to work long Saturday shifts with minimal pain. My long term goal is to get back into my running routine and run another half marathon. Thank you to my friends at this clinic for the determination and strength to get me better!

Vicki G, Fargo, Retail Manager

I have tried many treatments for my neck and trapezius muscles. Sleeping and turning my head up right hurts. Prior to this clinic I have tried physical therapy, acupuncture, injections, and massage treatments. The clinic is compassionate to my suffering, the approach my problem with a plan of action for me to change my situation through exercise and chiropractic care. Although I am not pain free, I have been sleeping better and feeling more movement when I look up or right. This clinic is a great place for anyone seeking answers for their pain and suffering and to overcome it.

Vicki J., Fargo, Retired Para-professional

I had been diagnosed by my medical doctor with carpal tunnel syndrome which was causing numbness and tingling in my right hand. A friend referred me to try the clinic before surgery. It was the best decision I could have ever made. After the much-needed nineteen visits of manual therapy and cold laser treatment, I am feeling incredibly better. Everyone at the clinic was very professional, extremely knowledgeable, personable, and fun.

Victoria M., Scheels Home & Hardware

Last summer I started walking daily. My right foot started to hurt when I walked and it continued to get worse. So I stopped walking but the pain still would come and go with my daily activities. In December, I won a take-a-break massage through HealthSource and Life 97.9 for our office. When I met Chris, I indicated my foot discomfort and he said that they help with this all the time. I decided to try it… what would I lose? I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Zimmerman and he came up with a treatment plan not only for my foot but also my lower back and neck stiffness which I have always had as I have an 8 hour a day desk job. After 5 weeks of treatment I can walk with no pain to just a little that is off and on. I have learned various exercises that have made my back and neck discomfort much better. Thanks Team!


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