Movement Correction Therapy

Movement Correction Therapy at ChiroHealth & Rehab Chiropractor Fargo

Movement Correction Therapy is one of the most vital components used by your ChiroHealth & Rehab Chiropractor Fargo doctors. When necessary, it will be used along with chiropractic adjustments to more quickly relieve your pain as well as more completely help your body to heal.

Not only that, but movement correction therapy will help to prevent your pain from returning because along with helping to speed the healing process in your spine, it also helps your entire body to move better which decreases pain and improves health. Your ChiroHealth & Rehab Chiropractor Fargo doctors will recommend movement correction therapy only when necessary. The recommendation will be made based on the doctor and care team’s analysis of your condition including the chiropractic exam and the Functional Movement Test as well as any other tests the doctor may need to order.

The functional movement test will allow the doctor and care team to know exactly where other problems you may not be aware of are contributing to your pain and condition and not only preventing it from getting better and coming back, but why it is likely progressing and even getting worse.

When used in conjunction with chiropractic adjusting, movement correction therapy helps many chronic conditions like chronic neck and back pain improve far beyond chiropractic adjusting alone. Very few clinics and care teams utilize movement correction therapy but your ChiroHealth & Rehab Chiropractor Fargo doctors have become very knowledgeable and effective at using the treatment to help thousands of patients in the area with conditions previously thought to be permanent or a part of getting older and could not be helped.

While chiropractic adjusting and spinal rehabilitation are important and focus on the spine, movement correction therapy goes one step further. Most times when we experience pain or dysfunction in the back or neck there is usually a problem with the way the shoulders or hips and knees are working that you may not even know of. The same is also true when there is pain or dysfunction in the shoulders, hips or knees, there is usually a problem in the back or neck that you may not even be aware of yet.

The reason this happens is the body moves as a whole unit and it is because of this that you cannot separate one region from the other, as they are all connected together. If there is a problem with the ankle, knee or hip then it is only a matter of time before it affects the low back. If there is a problem with the low back, it is only a matter of time before it affects the hip, knee or ankle. It works the same for the middle back, neck and shoulder.

Unlike most chiropractors in Fargo that focus only on the spine and only on adjusting the spine, your Fargo chiropractor care team at ChiroHealth & Rehab specializes in finding the areas that are not working correctly from your head to toes. Often times the parts of your body that are contributing to the problem don’t even cause pain and that is why most of the time your condition may not be treated correctly and can keep coming back and even get worse.

Movement correction therapy that your ChiroHealth & Rehab Chiropractor Fargo doctors uses is very effective at changing the way your body moves. This is because it takes into account all areas of the body and helps to promote healing and proper movement and stability throughout the body and not just in parts, neglecting the other parts. Movement correction therapy uses a vast and complex combination of soft tissue therapies combined with joint mobilization and stabilization therapies.

The purpose is to improve and restore normal movement in the joints of the body that are most likely to lose proper movement as well as retrain both the muscles and nervous system to use muscles properly again. Movement correction therapy also uses techniques to help lengthen muscles and tendons that have become too tight and have shortened and no longer have the proper flexibility to allow for normal movement. Likewise, movement correction therapy used by your ChiroHealth & Rehab Chiropractor Fargo doctors use special movement techniques to help joints that have lost the proper amount of movement to become more flexible and mobile. This allows your body to get itself in the proper position for movements and to be in a protected position to prevent damage and injury from repeated movements that you do every day.

The reason your ChiroHealth & Rehab Chiropractor Fargo doctors use movement correction therapy along with chiropractic care is because of the many benefits it provides to you the patient. See, back, hip, neck and shoulder pain are almost always linked together and usually involve other parts of the body being dysfunctional at the same time. When used with chiropractic care, movement correction therapy helps the patient improve much more quickly and much more completely than with chiropractic care or physical therapy alone. The reason the therapy works so well is because it does not focus only on one spot of the body, instead, it allows the body to heal from top to bottom all at the same time. Ultimately what this does is improves the speed with which your body can heal saving you time in the doctor’s office, getting you out of pain faster, and teaching your body how to prevent the pain from coming back.

“I had horrible hip pain, lower back and neck pain from a snowmobile accident. I was unable to work a shift at work, work out, walk a distance, or stand. I couldn’t put any weight on the right side of my body. After treatment I can walk comfortably work full shifts and work out and even the simple thing of touching my toes, it doesn’t hurt to get up in the mornings. Overall, I am just a lot happier and comfortable. Thank you!!”

Allison B, Fargo, Student

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