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Graston Technique of ChiroHealth & Rehab of Chiropractor Fargo

Graston Technique is a highly specialized way of treating muscles and other soft tissues used by your chiropractor Fargo at ChiroHealth & Rehab. The therapy is used any time that there is a change in your muscles, ligaments or tendons that is contributing to your pain and your condition.

Along with chiropractic adjusting and spinal rehabilitation, the chiropractor Fargo at ChiroHealth & Rehab use a number of therapies and techniques to help your body get out of pain fast but also to help prevent the pain from coming back. Graston Technique is one of the most effective and proven therapies for helping to accomplish this.

Along with being very knowledgeable and very caring, our doctors and care team are also very thorough. When you first come in to see one of the chiropractor Fargo at ChiroHealth & Rehab, the doctor and care team will first do a very thorough examination. This includes looking at the muscles ligaments and tendons of your body to find out where there might be injury, damage or scar tissue causing pain.

One of the most common things patients say to us when we tell them they have scar tissue is…

“But Doc, I just can’t think of anything I did to cause this!”

Most people try to figure out what caused their tissues to become injured as they often times cannot recall an accident or fall that may have caused an injury. Few realize however, that most of the injuries we have to our tissues come from repetitive movement or repetitive postural injuries. If you do anything repeatedly, your body will respond to that. Just like if you exercise repeatedly, eventually your body will respond and you will get in better shape. If however, you do repeated movements or have a posture you are in repeatedly, like sitting or looking down at your cell phone, your body will respond. Unfortunately, the response to this type of stress is not healthy and leads to the buildup of scar tissue.

Whether your injuries in the muscles and soft tissues come from a trauma or whether they come from repetitive stress, those injuries result in changes to the muscle in the soft tissues. These changes can affect the way the joints and muscles move and can irritate nerves and cause pain and inflexibility in muscles and joints. This can make it more difficult not only to move without pain but, can prevent your body from healing and can even make your condition worse.

This is why the chiropractor Fargo at ChiroHealth & Rehab spend a lot of time looking at the muscles and the other soft tissues to find out how they are contributing to your problem, causing your pain and, could even be preventing your body from healing. If we find that you do have changes in your muscles and soft tissues we may recommend the use of Graston Technique to help treat the changes that have occurred in your tissues so that you can get out of pain more quickly.

The chiropractor Fargo at ChiroHealth & Rehab use the Graston Technique to help remove scar tissue and adhesions and help to restore normal movement and flexibility to the tissues of your body. Graston Technique uses different shapes and styles of instruments to treat the soft tissues virtually anywhere on the body. When the doctors use the Graston Technique you will feel gentle pressure on areas where there have been changes in your tissues. The treatment allows the doctor or care specialist to gently break up scar tissue and adhesions that are abnormal. The treatment also helps increase circulation so that your body can more rapidly heal those areas. This allows your body to repair tissues that have been damaged in the past as well as to create stronger tissue to grow in its place.

One of the primary benefits of the Graston Technique is that it helps those tissues that have become tight and restricted due to scar tissue to replace that scarring with more normal tissue. That allows for better movement which increases your bodies ability to heal more completely as well as to get out of pain faster. The chiropractor Fargo at ChiroHealth & Rehab have used Graston Technique extensively for years with tremendous success. The doctors and care specialists are very good at locating areas of injured or inflamed tissues that are contributing to your pain and are even better at treating them. The Graston Technique is one of the primary ways that the doctors and team at ChiroHealth & Rehab get excellent results time and time again and leave their patients healthy and happy.

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