Digital X-Ray

Digital x-ray also known as digital radiography is a the most modern form of taking x-rays. Your chiropractor in Fargo at ChiroHealth & Rehab uses digital x-rays in their office. Digital x-ray uses an x-ray machine to generate pictures but instead of using a piece of film to capture the image like old traditional x-ray, digital x-ray uses a digital sensor to capture the image. This picture is then converted into a picture that is digital and can be viewed immediately on a computer. This allows the doctor to immediately look at the picture and determine whether or not the quality of the picture is adequate to use as a diagnostic tool to help determine what is wrong.

If after the examination your chiropractor in Fargo at ChiroHealth & Rehab feels it is necessary to order a picture of your spine, shoulder, hip, or other area, then it will usually take place on your first visit. Taking the pictures will be easy and painless and will usually take between 5-10 minutes. The pictures will be processed by the computer immediately after and the doctor will be able to determine right away if the pictures are of adequate quality for diagnosis.

Later that day after the doctor is finished with patients, the doctor will use the computer to adjust and enhance the pictures to the greatest quality possible. The ability to adjust the pictures for optimal viewing is only able to be accomplished on modern day digital x-ray machines like the one your chiropractor in Fargo at ChiroHealth & Rehab has in their office.

Occasionally patients who have been to other chiropractors in Fargo will ask us why the other Fargo chiropractor they had seen did not take any x-rays and sometimes, that the other chiropractor in Fargo doesn’t even have an x-ray machine in their office. At ChiroHealth & Rehab we believe that your chiropractic in Fargo should be of the highest quality in service, safety and technology. That is why we made certain to provide this service to the community and to our patients.

Taking a picture of at minimum the area that is in pain is essential to the proper diagnosis of your condition. Along with the history, exam, functional test and 3-D foot scan, your chiropractor in Fargo at ChiroHealth & Rehab will use the pictures from the digital x-ray to most accurately assess what is causing your pain and get to the cause of your condition. What we will be able to do is see more accurately the areas of your spine that have bones that are out of position.

Also, the digital picture will show us if there is any degeneration or arthritis that has developed and how advanced it has become. It is only possible for the chiropractic doctor to view these changes with a high quality x-ray like we are able to get with digital x-ray. The information your Fargo chiropractor at ChiroHealth & Rehab will obtain from the digital image will better help the doctor and care TEAM prescribe the care that will most quickly and efficiently get you back to feeling good and doing the things that are most important to you.

The benefits of using a digital x-ray like the one your Fargo chiropractor uses at ChiroHealth & Rehab are many. One of the most immediate and obvious benefits is that the picture is able to be viewed immediately. There is no delay waiting for chemical processing which can take a significant amount of time. Because of the delay in non-modern x-ray processing, the patient has to wait around for the pictures to process to be certain that the image is of high enough quality to be used for diagnosing. However, with state-of-the-art digital x-rays, the doctor can immediately look at the pictures and see as to whether or not they turned out properly. This way the patient spends less time waiting in the doctor’s office and is able to get on with their day more rapidly.

Another benefit is that the pictures are much more clear than a traditional x-ray. Often times with old style x-ray the image is foggy and not very clear. This makes it much more difficult to read the x-ray and more difficult to see the area of injury, degeneration, arthritis or any other issue that may be contributing to your condition.

Digital x-ray machines are also much cleaner and safer for the environment. Older style x-rays required the use of a number of chemicals in order to process the films. This meant that there were a lot of chemicals that could potentially get into the environment, soil and water and cause harm and damage and any number of environmental problems. Fortunately with digital x-rays there is not the same concern over the use of chemicals as with the older style x-rays.

One very important feature of the digital x-ray used by your chiropractor in Fargo at ChiroHealth & Rehab is the fact that digital x-rays use much less radiation to create the picture than do traditional older-style x-rays. This is important because most of the time multiple pictures need to be taken and sometimes even follow-up pictures need to be taken. So, by using modern digital x-rays, we are able to provide very high quality pictures with the least amount of radiation possible.

Finally, there is one last VERY important benefit to using the digital x-rays that we use over the traditional old-style of x-rays. That is the fact that with digital x-rays pictures we are able to use a number of computerized enhancements to make the picture as crystal clear and readable as possible. This allows the most accurate view of the body and gives the doctor the best chance of detecting problems. Schedule a time to meet with a sciatica chiropractor in Fargo, ND today

“I have had soreness and tightness in my neck and back for quite a while, some from minor sports injuries and some from sitting at a desk too much. The pain would travel around showing up in my hips, knees, and feet, I would often get headaches after long periods of standing and stretching. The treatment I have received has helped me correct bad posture, release tension in my neck, and I am more mobile. All of my symptoms have dramatically improved and I am getting back to being active. I also appreciated the staff’s willingness to answer my many questions.”

-Cory A, Professor from Fargo

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