Chiropractor Fargo | what in the world is rock tape?

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Why are these Olympians wearing this tape that you’ve been seeing and is it for looks and attention or does it actually relieve pain and help with injuries? This is something that your chiropractor Fargo doctor going to answer and we are here at Cairo Health and Rehab to give you a rundown of how helpful it can be in your life. We also have testimonials from some of our patients that we’re a little bit skeptical but ended up trying it and have been so glad and have not looked back since.

We know that there’s this thing called the placebo effect and you may be thinking is that the only thing that happens when you put this tape on. But it actually has Kenzie ology technology which is able to help with sports or non-sports related injuries. It’s able to help because it takes the pressure off of your body and gives you relieved by interfering with the compression that you experience. So, like if you have your shin splints, the tape is going to act as a decompressor between your muscle and faccia. So it’s going to pull your skin away from these organs or muscles in your body as well as the tissue notice your fascia.

Another way to put it is that it’s going to take the pressure off of your nerves by lifting your skin up from the pressure that is putting on to the tissues below it. So your nerve receptors that are on your skin and deep into your tissue known as your fascial tissue which is why pulling your skin off of these nerves is super helpful in relieving the pain that you have.

I have to say, I was a little bit skeptical as well but when I was experiencing shin splints and plantar fasciitis I was willing to try anything. That’s because running is my therapy and taking this away from me is one way that I’m going to gain weight and get depressed. When I gain weight I start to feel low with my confidence because I know that I am not looking or feeling my best, but it’s more so about me not being able to exercise and release endorphins which are able to help me maintain my overall mood and state of mind.

Endorphins are extremely important to your overall health and well-being and that’s why I chiropractor Fargo can help you with whatever remedy is necessary for you to get back to your active lifestyle. You release endorphins when you are exercising and they are even somewhat like morphine which is synthetically produced and not good for you, but endorphins are able to help you have a sense of well-being with your feelings. We really want you to have this available to you because it is a natural painkiller and is able to help you strength in yourself and minimize the distractions and obstacles that you have with pain and discomfort.

Chiropractor Fargo | What do endorphins have to do with it?

This content was written for ChiroHealth & Rehab.

Have you been injured or possibly even been dealing with something that’s frustrating because it’s not, or it doesn’t seem like a full injury but it does prevent you from working out when you do try? Did you know that your chiropractor Fargo doctor can actually help you and we do sing or eliminating the depression that you’re experiencing because of this? And you may be wondering how the heck we could do that, but it is something that we are able to do through the therapies that perform.

Or services are extremely beneficial to our clients is because not only do they help reduce the pain that they are experiencing, but we also have a snowball effect of the health and benefits that come from one single therapy. For instance if you are struggling with plantar fasciitis and you think that you can’t run anymore, you are going from having endorphins released into your brain on the regular basis to at nothing at all probably.

But what do endorphins have to do with your overall health and well-being. Well that’s a good consideration to have because endorphins are helpful and are basically known as a happy chemical in your mind. When you are exercising you’re able to naturally yet produce and release these hormones that are able to act as an anti pain agent as well as something that is able to give you a euphoric experience and feeling that is going to make your overall mind and well-being Elevate. Having this elevated really gives you the mental stability and overall joy that you are missing out on from being injured.

So maybe you thought you were just sad and you didn’t know what to do with your time because running when you had your free time. It’s probably your escape and the one chance that you have to listen to your favorite album of the day or your favorite podcast. Once this has been taken from you and you have a hard time even walking on the treadmill because of the pain, it’s really hard for you to stay on track with your health goals. Of course you can lift some weights at the gym, but it’s not the same.

Are chiropractor Fargo experts are going to be there to help you and they know the power of releasing endorphins when it comes to your overall well-being. That’s why we’re always going to do everything we can to get you back onto your road to health and Recovery. We don’t want to prescribe pain medications are other things that are going to synthetically create what your body can naturally do to keep you well. I will go above and beyond to make sure that we are doing everything that we can to get you healed as fast as possible. That’s a promise to you because it’s our responsibility to help you manage your health and pain.

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