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When to Use Chiropractic Adjusting: Because this is the foundational pathway towards healing and optimal health, Chiropractic Adjusting will be involved with virtually all patient visits. Keep reading to find out more about neck pain treatment chiropractic in Fargo, ND. 

Chiropractic adjusting is also called chiropractic manipulation. Chiropractic adjusting is a gentle treatment that is effective at treating spinal subluxations. Spinal subluxations are misalignments of the individual bones in the spine. When the bones become misaligned they often times become stuck and do not move properly. When this occurs there are a number of bad things that can happen to your health. Most of the time we are unaware that one of the spinal bones has moved and become stuck out of place. This is because pain is usually not the first thing that occurs and therefore we are typically not aware. This is where the skill of the chiropractor comes in.

At ChiroHealth & Rehab of Chiropractors Fargo, professionals are trained in the skill and technique necessary to find spinal subluxations even when there is no pain. One of the reasons pain does not show up immediately is because the nerves in and around the spine only have a very small amount of pain sensing function. Some studies suggest that the amount of nerves that can detect pain is only 8%-10% and so, often a subluxation is not felt until things are very bad. The reason it is important to have your spine checked and subluxations removed is due to the amount of damage to your spine and health that can happen if they are left untreated. When a joint does not move properly the joint itself begins to wear out and break down. If this goes on long enough the spine will develop areas of arthritis which can lead to the total breakdown of the spinal joint. If things become this severe, other problems can develop.

Eventually bone spurs and degeneration of the discs will develop. When this happens the joints of the spine become very unstable and the body will attempt to protect the spinal joints by creating stiffness. Often times we will start to feel stiffness in our back and neck that seems to last longer than usual and may be a bit more intense than usual. This is often an indication that there are subluxations present and the spine has lost movement in multiple joints and usually, there is some level of joint damage already happening. It is crucial that you see your ChiroHealth & Rehab of Chiropractors Fargo as soon as possible to help restore movement back into your joints. If the joints are allowed to remain stuck then there will be permanent changes that will be very difficult to change.

These changes not only can lead to permanent and chronic pain, but also can lead to a loss of movement and your ability to function in your daily life. Along with that, the longer your spine is allowed to have bones out of place, there will be changes in the function of the nerves of the spine. When the nerves can’t function properly, the health of the tissues and organs of the rest of your body can be affected and ultimately can affect your overall health in very negative ways. There are a number of adjustment techniques that your ChiroHealth & Rehab of Chiropractors Fargo can use to help reduce the number of subluxations in your spine.

The most common and most effective types of adjustments are manual adjustments. Manual adjustments are given using the doctor’s hands placed on the areas of your spine where the vertebrae bones have become out of place and stuck. The doctor will gently help to restore the movement in the joints of your spine. This will help not only reduce your pain but will improve your ability to move with less pain but can also help to improve your posture. When subluxations are removed and you are in less pain it will also help to improve your overall health as it will help to remove pressure on the nerves exiting the spine and traveling throughout your body. Sometimes the doctor will instead us a handheld instrument to assist in adjusting the spinal joints.

This type of adjustment is usually used in cases where the joints have become so severely stuck that treatment needs to start out much more slowly. The benefits of chiropractic adjustments from your ChiroHealth & Rehab of Chiropractors Fargo are many. Spinal adjustments help to reduce pain but they also provide so much more benefit than just pain relief. After getting adjusted many people report feeling a sense of well being that they did not have prior. They often feel like they have more clarity and more focus. People also report having much better movement and greater range of motion.

They are able to do what they love to do and to work with less pain and limitations. Often times people feel like it requires much less energy to take care of kids and household chores even after a full day of work. What a person can expect while being treated by the ChiroHealth & Rehab of Chiropractors Fargo is to first receive a very comprehensive examination that will allow the doctors and their team to ensure that your condition is indeed one that should be seen in our clinic. If x-rays or other tests are necessary to determine what is wrong and whether or not we can help, then the doctor will order those additional tests. Most often these extra tests are used to see if there is an underlying problem that may be contributing to your condition and pain.

After reviewing the additional tests, the doctor and team will make the determination as to what is the best course of care for your situation and based on what your goals are will show you how they can help you. After everything has been explained to you and you are comfortable and have had all of your questions answered, the doctor will determine the best method of starting care and you can begin your road to recovery and enjoying less pain and better health. Get neck pain and chiropractic care in Fargo, ND with Chiro Health.

“I thought the pain was just something I had to live with and was the price you pay for getting older. I began meeting with my doctor several times a week for adjustments, manipulations, and rehab exercises. My neck has lost its stiffness and I have much better range of motion. My posture has improved and I am happy to have this clinic and I truly appreciate all the wonderful people who work there.” Carla O., Fargo, Biological Lab Technician

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