Active Tissue Release

Find Shoulder Pain Chiropractic Treatment in Fargo, ND

Active Tissue Release is a special shoulder pain chiropractic treatment in Fargo, ND done by our ChiroHealth & Rehab chiropractors. It helps reduce pain more quickly and help your body heal to prevent the pain from coming back.

Doctor Mason Orth and his team of doctors and therapists understand that when you’re in pain the only thing you want is relief. Oftentimes people reach for anti-inflammatory pills like ibuprofen first not understanding the negative impact that they can have on your body.

If the pain persists, most people will then make a trip to their doctor who, unfortunately, usually prescribe stronger medication and oftentimes sends you home having no solution to your problem. Sadly, for most people this means living with continued pain or settling for surgery as a last resort which, oftentimes leads to more pain and disability.

The ChiroHealth & Rehab of chiropractor Fargo work to make not just the joints more health, but the surrounding muscles and tissues as well. Because bones and joints don’t exist by themselves and are all covered in tendons, muscles, ligaments and a soft tissue called fascia, it is important for healing to restore normal movement and decrease pain as quickly as possible. Active Tissue Release is a very effective way to help all of the muscles and tissues of your body heal.

The treatment therapy of Active Tissue Release used by the ChiroHealth & Rehab of chiropractor Fargo is a form of hands-on massage that is based on actually combining massage and movement together. The treatment is very effective in treating many of the most common conditions that cause problems and pain conditions with muscles tendons ligaments and nerves. Some of the most common pain conditions treated with Active Tissue Release are headaches, back & hip pain, neck and shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints, shoulder pain, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, tennis elbow and rotator cuff pain.

See, most pain conditions have something in common and that is that muscles and other soft tissues are contributing to the pain and are part of the problem. When tissues become damaged or injured from either a sprain/strain as the result of accident or injury, or when tissues are under chronic repetitive stress the result is always the same. The body places scar tissue where the injured tissue was and this scar tissue leads to inflexibility and pain and can cause inflammation. Often times this inflammation can become chronic which leads to chronic pain and unfortunately the build up of more scar tissue.

These injuries whether they come from large trauma accidents or from small repetitive stress overtime lead to the same thing; adhesions, scarring and the inability of your body to move correctly. This leads to inflexibility and pain but it also leads to poor circulation which means your body can’t heal properly and leads to the problem becoming chronic. This is why many of the patients seen by the ChiroHealth & Rehab of Chiropractor Fargo tell us that their pain keeps returning even though they have seen other doctors and chiropractors. This is often times because their past treatments failed to find the root cause of the problem.

At your first visit to the ChiroHealth & Rehab of Chiropractor Fargo will do a very thorough evaluation of not only your spine and your joints but also of the muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia and nerves. The reason we do such a thorough evaluation is to determine exactly what is contributing to your pain, so that we can more properly and completely treat it.

Active Tissue Release is one of the therapies we use to help restore movement but more importantly to reduce your pain as quickly as possible which allows your body to heal faster and more completely and will help prevent your pain from coming back.

Patients describe Active Tissue Release treatments kind of like getting a massage in certain parts of your body while moving the same part of your body in very specific directions. The ChiroHealth & Rehab of Chiropractor Fargo and their treatment team have been trained extensively in anatomy and understand what your tissues normally should be doing. This helps them know exactly how to treat your tissues your muscles in a way that helps restore normal and pain free movement. Active Tissue Release is one of the most effective ways to quickly get your body out of pain, reduce inflammation and get your body moving again.


Active Tissue Release used as part of your treatment plan by the ChiroHealth & Rehab of Chiropractor Fargo is an essential part to helping those areas of your body that hurt to heal. When used as part of your care plan, the Active Tissue Release technique will help you to feel immediate pain relief as well as notice an immediate increase in movement and eventually you will be back to doing what is most important and enjoyable to you without pain.

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