3-D Functional Foot Scanning

When to Use 3-D Functional Foot Scanning

Anytime there is pain in the foot or back areas, this will give our patients an accurate diagnosis and clear pathway to healing and optimal health.

Our health is directly tied to how well, how often and how much we move our bodies. We are made to move and our bodies are designed to move often, to move a lot and to move without pain. The problem is, we have become a very sedentary people and have stopped moving as much as our bodies need in order to stay healthy. As the comforts of modern life have seeped into our lifestyles we now spend vast amounts of time sitting around both for leisure and work.

Our great grandparents were movers. They spent nearly every waking hour of the day moving after all, life depended on it. What they didn’t know is that it was that movement that helped to give them life. Today we have taken much of the movement out of daily life and our bodies and health are paying for it.

But, another change with the modern world has brought about another problem that Great Grandpa and Great Grandma didn’t have to deal with and that is all the hard surfaces we spend most of our time walking on and, sadly, even exercising on. Our world today is covered in cement and asphalt and hard wood surfaces. This is where most of our movement now takes place and we don’t spend much time outside walking on the soft grass or ground or sand. This has led to a major change in the way our bodies, especially our feet, function and move.

Our feet were made to be strong. Our feet were made to be active. Our feet were made to stay healthy by being exposed to mother earth and her varying textures and surfaces. Believe it or not but the health of our feet is directly dependent on what surfaces we spend most of our time walking on. The feet are the foundation of all movement of the body and if the feet are not supporting you or moving properly, then your knees, hips, back, neck and whole body will suffer. This is why your chiropractor Fargo at ChiroHealth & Rehab make analysis of your feet an important part of your exam and care at our clinic.

It is so important as a matter of fact that your chiropractor Fargo at ChiroHealth & Rehab have made available to the public a 3-D functional foot scan. This is the most state of the art method of taking a measure of how your foot is functioning and to what extent your foot has lost its ability to stabilize and support the rest of your body.

Through the use of laser scanning technology, we are able to measure very accurately what amount of function your feet have lost and therefore are able to make more accurate recommendations for the proper level of care for your overall condition. Most other chiropractor Fargo only take a two-dimensional picture of your foot and this is nearly useless in accurately showing where and how severe any changes in your feet that have occurred are. Likewise, it makes it very difficult then to make recommendations that will help to make a more permanent change in your condition and health.

That is why your chiropractor Fargo at ChiroHealth & Rehab use the three-dimensional functional foot scan. With the information obtained from the scan, the doctor and care team can much more accurately assess and therefore treat your condition. This allows your pain and your body to recover more quickly and completely as well as help to prevent the recurrence of pain from returning.

The foot scan used by your chiropractor Fargo at ChiroHealth & Rehab is a painless procedure that takes only minutes to administer. You don’t even need to take your socks off for the screening. The scan will measure what the ideal foot structure and function of each of your feet would be and then take a measurement of what is actually happening with you feet. Your Fargo chiropractic care team at ChiroHealth & Rehab will then be able to analyze that information and help to formulate a care plan that addresses all aspects of your condition to more quickly and completely help you heal and get back to moving and living the active life you wish to live.

The most powerful application of the 3-D functional foot scan is in giving your chiropractor Fargo at ChiroHealth & Rehab the ability to determine whether or not custom made orthotics should be recommended for you. The scan quickly helps to point out any loss of support or function in your feet that may be contributing to your condition and making your pain and condition more chronic or worse and often times explains why it may not be getting better.

If it is determined that you would benefit from custom made orthotics, you will be informed of that. The custom orthotics will be custom made to each of your individual feet as rarely are both of our feet the same. Likewise, the custom orthotics that your chiropractor Fargo at ChiroHealth & Rehab uses are calibrated to your individual body weight as an orthotic should be matched to the weight of the person standing on them. This is just one of the many differences you will find between your chiropractic team at ChiroHealth & Rehab and other chiropractors in Fargo.

“I have had a few flare ups of plantar fasciitis before, but this summer I was always busy on my feet and I developed a serious case on both feet. I became crippled with pain, to the point I couldn’t walk at all without the use of crutches. The podiatrist gave me steroid shots, but they were ineffective, and it seemed as if my body was at war with me! I could not get anything done and became more inactive and depressed. My friend recommended this clinic to me as the place that helped her overcome her plantar fasciitis. I am glad I decided to look for help here! Though my treatment plan was complex, long and sometimes painful, I have seen such improvement. I can now walk and stand normally, and though I still have healing to do in order to run, dance, and play with my kids I am confident and happy with the way things are going. The whole team at is caring, kind, and knowledgeable. I love how they helped me define wellness and health as well as help me to set a course for my life to achieve that! Through it all, I have always been able to count on all the doctors and care TEAM for their unending support on my journey. Their team is MY team! I am sure to tell all my friends who are experiencing any kind of pain to try this clinic-they will not regret it!”

-Jennifer W., Fargo, Homemaker/Marketing Consultant

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